Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our first post!

go for it.i'm gonna play on it tomorrow. i have to be up at six for work in the morning
damn. alrighty then. i guess i will see a new post from ya tomorrow sometime then.in the morning!! i'm gonna be addicted. Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!! youre  welcome. to add to the addiction you can post from your cell or by sending yourself an email which youc an also do by text. haha. but we can get into all that later :)omg.... i paid 3 bucks for the app... im the real addict. haha
im posting this btw! haha
lol nice
if you dont go to bed soon youre going to hate me in the morning.. omg i cant type. lol don't feel bad... me either

lol k. well i am going to kick you off my computer so you can sleep. its for your own good. text me!lol

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