Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don"t Take My Coffee!!!

Somewhere in my two and a half hours of sleep last night, I managed to dream that someone tried to steal my coffee this morning. Anyone who knows me knows it is never a good idea to get between me and my coffee.. Even thought it is moreso sugar with coffee as opposed to coffee with sugar.

Turns out it was maybe a premonition? My students decided to play a trick on me and hide my coffee...They gave it back when I growled at them...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Convo with cabbage...

In true St. Patty's Day tradition, my mom made corned beef and cabbage. I cut it up this morning and was struck with it's uncanny resemblance to Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors. This thought somehow carried over to my nap thanks to benedryl... In the dream, I proceeded to carry on a completely logical conversation with a ginormous head of cabbage about how the it gets such a bum rap in the vegetable world. Cabbages, apparently, are constantly made fun of by their peers for trying, but falling short, of trying to mimic lettuce. "Even cauliflower, said the cabbage, is so utterly hated by kids and adults alike. Cauliflower!!! What does cauliflower have that I don't???" All in all, it seemed like the cabbage just wanted some recognition whether good or bad.

So have some sympathy for this unsung hero of the veggie world and go eat some cabbage!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Dream

So the reason I got this whole idea was from a dream I had a few nights ago.. It was really strange and out there, so a friend suggested I either turn it into a script, or start a blog... I guess it's obvious which one I chose.

Setting was around the 1930's or 40's in a big plantation style house.

There are four corners of the property which is about ten acres. One corner is a house, another is a family cemetary plot, the third is an abandon church or country club and in the last corner is another smaller house. There is a big lake smack in the middle of everything.

A guy ( think blonde guy whose eyeball falls out in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) lives in the smaller house and he is a foster dad/ gangleader to a group of orphaned  kids. He manipulates them  into doing his bidding, which usually involves murder by drowning the victims in the lake.

The dream rotated around a young girl and her family. Her grandmother is seen, but only her back and her arms are shown when she reached down to pick up the little girl. The grandmother dies when the little girl is about three or four. We later find out the little girl's mother is responsible for arranging the grandmother's death.

As the little girl gets older, her mother arranges for her daughter to be raped. This results in the girl getting pregnant, but she decides to keep the baby(she's about 14.) She tries to make friends with the other kids/gangmembers, but they have been brainwashed into believeing that she's the one who is doing the bad things. They dare her to go into the abbandon building, where she believes she sees a ghost, trips, and ends up losing her baby.

Years go by and the girl gets married and has a baby. However, after a short time, her husband and baby are involved in a car accident, and get killed. This was also orchestrated by the girl's mother.

An older couple approaches the mother and asks to rennovate the abandon building into a church. The mother accepts, seeing it as a social event. When the time comes for the church opening everyone shows up. Blonde guy and his gang of kids are seperated into a room by themselves and it starts filling up with water.

The old woman stands between the mother and daughter and holds their hands guiding them through a long hallway with religious symbols filling the walls. They come to one room where the daughter becomes overjoyed as she sees her husband holding their baby, and the baby she lost standing beside them.

They enter another room and the mother sees her husband and her daughter when she was little. She has the opposite reaction of her daughter. It is finally revealed that the older lady is actually the girl's grandmother.....

Yes, I'm aware I have twisted dreams. :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our first post!

go for it.i'm gonna play on it tomorrow. i have to be up at six for work in the morning
damn. alrighty then. i guess i will see a new post from ya tomorrow sometime the morning!! i'm gonna be addicted. Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!! youre  welcome. to add to the addiction you can post from your cell or by sending yourself an email which youc an also do by text. haha. but we can get into all that later :)omg.... i paid 3 bucks for the app... im the real addict. haha
im posting this btw! haha
lol nice
if you dont go to bed soon youre going to hate me in the morning.. omg i cant type. lol don't feel bad... me either

lol k. well i am going to kick you off my computer so you can sleep. its for your own good. text me!lol