Thursday, March 17, 2011

Convo with cabbage...

In true St. Patty's Day tradition, my mom made corned beef and cabbage. I cut it up this morning and was struck with it's uncanny resemblance to Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors. This thought somehow carried over to my nap thanks to benedryl... In the dream, I proceeded to carry on a completely logical conversation with a ginormous head of cabbage about how the it gets such a bum rap in the vegetable world. Cabbages, apparently, are constantly made fun of by their peers for trying, but falling short, of trying to mimic lettuce. "Even cauliflower, said the cabbage, is so utterly hated by kids and adults alike. Cauliflower!!! What does cauliflower have that I don't???" All in all, it seemed like the cabbage just wanted some recognition whether good or bad.

So have some sympathy for this unsung hero of the veggie world and go eat some cabbage!!!


  1. Ya know, until today I never knew that corned beef hash and cabbage was a tradition on st pattys day. Haha. But ironically enough I was craving cabbage yesterday.

    ps- you're nuts :)

  2. Actually for this we don't use the hash. Just straight corned beef sliced in the deli.